AHHHH! You did it!!

Thank you so much for allowing me to take the next step forward with you both, and for trusting me with this part of your story! You're incredible. Who you both are, and your story. It's humbling to be apart of your journey, and I'm looking forward to sharing this with you both. I'll be along side you every step of the way to make sure we make those magical wedding day photos come to life!

Before we get to all that, here's a little more info for you that I'd appreciate it if you read!


I’m always checking my emails, so if you send me an email and don’t hear back immediately, just know I’ve seen it! Just some perspective.. I travel a LOT for my couples. In 2019, I saw over 25 destination weddings of the 53 I had all total for the year. Shit. That number makes me tired just reading it.. That’s not even counting engagement sessions! Point being, that’s a lot of time in airports, Ubers, trains, and so forth. A lot of running from A to B. I like to make sure I can sit down and fully answer your questions. As opposed to firing off a partial email that didn’t receive my full undivided attention while I’m running around. If you sent me an email and haven’t heard from me in a couple days, and you feel like I may have forgotten.. Please please PLEASE by all means, feel free to reach back out and be like “Dude, what the hell!”. You’re not bothering me! Human error does happen, and I’m not afraid to admit that even with the biggest calendar in the world to write on, I still make mistakes sometimes too! We all do! You deserve to be well taken care of, and will in no way be bothering me by sending up a follow up email if you haven’t heard back from me within 48 hours!

If something is urgent, or you’d like a response quicker than an email, you’re always welcome to text me at 253-355-1442. OoOOOooo, brave move, I know. Handing out the personal number for texting! You bet! I love chatting with my couples, and am always happy to answer any questions you may have! Just be aware that, like you, I have a life I live as well! If you text me at 11pm on a Sunday night, or during a weekend when I’m most likely with a couple at a elopement or wedding, you’re probably not going to get a response until between 10am-5pm Monday – Friday.

What you can expect from me?

So what’s next?

Next, we get down to your engagement session magic! It gives us a great chance to hangout, make some memories, and gives you a chance to realize that being in front of the camera is fun and exciting! I’m not going to put you through all kinds of painful poses and make you hold them for hours and hours, so relax! We’re going to have a great time!


Scheduling your engagement session

Scheduling your engagement..

Here's a little insider info for you to help you get the jump on planning your engagement! I suggest inquiring about your engagement, and picking a date together, about 3-4 months before you want to actually send out your invites. It gives us a great chance to find an ideal date, location, and start putting together a look and feel. Week days are always going to be easier to make work than weekends, however if your work only allows you weekends free, we'll be able to find something that works! Just be a little more patient, as finding a free weekend day is a little trickier for a human whose entire work schedule is nothing but weekends! 




Do you travel for engagements?

I'll go just about anywhere, all I ask is travel is covered if it's out of Washington and Oregon! 

How long is engagement shoot turn around times?

About a week!

How long are wedding turn around times?

3-4 Weeks!

Do you provide Raw images? 

At this time I don't! Raw images are dark, very high resolution, and often times just not able to be seen.