Do you deliver every image you shoot? How about RAW images?

That's a nope to both! Sometimes I'll shoot upwards of 2,000 - 3,000 images per wedding! Each RAW photo is usually darker than you'd think (to preserve fine details), and requires special software for a computer to read!

I sift through all the photos I take, and give you only the ones I feel are worthy of the quality you deserve!

Do you do destination engagements?

Heck YES I do! Any excuse to travel, I'm all about it! I just ask that my round trip flight, and a cheap Airbnb be provided for the duration of my stay. If I've got those, I'll follow you anywhere!

We've already had our engagement photos. Can we get a little bit taken off our rate?

Of course you can! Engagement sessions can be cashed in for 500 off your total rate!

Do you do video?

At this time I do not! However, I know some incredibly talented videographers I have worked with in the past. I'd be happy to put you both in touch!

We're planning our timeline. Do we come to you for that? Can you help?

While I am not a designated planner, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have should you have no one else to help plan! Ideally, I'd love to keep all my energy focused on things photography related. If you need some guidance, see the sample timelines I have uploaded in my Wedding Help section!

Do you work with a second photographer?

If you'd like me to, I can! An assistant, second photographer is available for an additional 600. They'll make sure I have everything I need, and back up my angles and help keep an eye on your big day! I'd suggest one for wedding larger than 200 people, just to be safe!

Do you edit all of your photographs?

Yes! I color correct, and touch up every image you will receive.

Can we give you a shot list?

For family groupings and formal photos, please do! Otherwise, I'd prefer you didn't. Here's why: I'd love to communicate with you two, and know exactly where your heads and hearts are at before the big day roles around. Having me buried in a checklist you've given me that you've gotten online, rather than letting me pay attention to the intimate moments unfolding in front of me would be counterproductive. I love what I get to do, and enjoy paying attention to people and the way they show their emotions. That picture you saw on Pinterest was their wedding. This is yours. Let's tell THAT story. Together.

Is my deposit refundable?

The retainer, and all monies paid afterwards are non refundable as of 2020. The retainer guarantees that I'll hold the date for you, turning down all other opportunities that present themselves for the same date.

What if you die? Ok.. Maybe not DIE per say, but what if you're super duper sick?

*knocks on wood* I've never been ill enough to miss a wedding, or let it affect the quality of said wedding.. BUT, there's always a first time for everything.

If I was on my death bed, I'd have any number of the other artists I work with on standby to be able to take my place and capture your big day, along with refunding whatever difference may be between our services.