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A little how I approach weddings..

First and foremost, I never work for the hour when at a wedding. Say what? You read that right! I don't believe in an hourly rate, whether you have a 14 hour long day or a 8 hour day. This is one of the most important days of your lives together, not to mention planning a wedding can be stressful enough sometimes! The last thing I want is for the big day to FINALLY get here, and you find yourself watching the clock, worried about how long I'll be there to capture everything. Instead, I want you relaxing, knowing I'm with you every step of the way! I'm always ready to help out any way that I can.

Additionally, I'd hate to miss an AMAZING moment in your lives together because you only booked me for 6 hours and not 7. Make sense? This day is so important on so many levels.. It's too important to worry about an hourly rate on my end of things. I'm there for you, happily, for the whole day. 

With each wedding package, I offer complimentary engagement AND one year anniversary photos! I'm excited to share in this part of your journey together!.. And plus, I love doing anniversary sessions so we can catch up and I can hear how married life has been treating you two.

I provide 300-400 photographs within 3-4 weeks of your wedding day, with samples within 48 hours. This gives you something to show off to family and friends, and have almost immediately to cherish and reflect on. Or smother all over Facebook and show off! Whatever you want!

For larger weddings, I'm always happy to bring a second photographer along to lend an extra hand and give extra coverage. We love making friends and adding to the positive dynamic of your wedding day, rather than hiding in the background with huge telephoto lenses and being unsocial. We'll be out on the dance floor with the grandparents, or laughing it up with your cousins. This makes guests feel more comfortable with us, leading to better quality images while making great impressions along the way.

Rate setup

Default Monthly Plan:

Your retainer to hold the date is 600, and the monthly amount falling on the 13th of every month is only 200  until your wedding shows up, with whatever is left being completed the month beforehand! If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you’re welcome to knock everything out all at once as well. 


Weddings within Washington and Oregon State: 3,100


Weddings out of the Northwest: 3,400 (includes all travel expenses)


International Weddings: 3,800 (includes all travel expenses)


Stateside Elopements: 2,500 


International Elopements: 3,000 (includes all travel expenses)


Additional photographer: 600


Just an Engagement Session: 500 

All investments are broken down into smaller increments to make things more manageable, and everything is done electronically to make life as easy as possible. I’d love to jump on the phone or FaceTime with you two at any point if you want to chat! I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and it’d be a great excuse to get to know each other better! Images are delivered through Pic-Time. It’s a gorgeous gallery that allows you, and friends and family, to download all the images in high-resolution. That way there’s no waiting around for a USB in the mail or any of that business!