Outfit and Styling guide

So just what do we wear?

The most important thing is for you two to feel YOURSELVES in whatever environment we're in! WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. If you feel comfortable and cozy in what you're wearing, that energy issuing to shine in your pictures! Let's work together to make that happen!

Here's what I care about: Belong to your surroundings. If you're all dressed up in city attire, but we're on top of mountain.. You're going to not only be freezing, but feel rigid and uncomfortable, while looking totally out of place! Great images tie in every factor, including looking like you BELONG in the environment you're in! If we're in your home, wear cozy sweaters and comfy jeans. If we're going to a windy mountain top, there's nothing wrong with some boots and a maxi dress that can get caught in the wind!

Bring a few options, at least a couple jeans and a couple tops per person.. Don’t feel like you need to bring your entire closet with you. This will give us some options, incase we get thrown a curveball with weather, lighting, what have you. Aim for looser tops or layers that flow when you move. Trust me, you wont be swimming in it! Id rather have a top that's a size too big, than one you can't move too much in because it's too tight. Looser clothing photographs better, and will leave you feeling much more comfortable!

Colors and Accessories

I typically recommend sticking with neutrals and earthy warm tones. Neutrals doesn’t just mean browns and grays, there are actually neutrals in every color! For example, mustard yellows, forest green, a deep navy blue or burnt orange! Sounds cool right? Burnt orange is my favorite. How many couple photos have you seen where someone is rocking poppin’ red in the snow? I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a BUNCH. Bright, vibrant colors like that are called “Loud” colors. They pull in the viewer in a razor sharp way. Not something we want to do. I want your outfits to compliment you, not the other way around.

As far as patterns go, try and keep it to a minimum, and try to keep the pattern small. If we’re shooting in a forest, there’s already a lot going on!! That extra amount of pattern is going to cause you to get lost in the image, and make the image tougher to depict.
As far as accessories go, the more the merrier!! That hat? Those glasses? BRING THEM! Have a favorite bracelet, or jacket to put over your favorite top? Let’s see it!! Accessories do nothing but add to images, and are easy to remove should they be too much.

What to look for

We want things that flow in the wind! Things that are loose! Things that get tangled up, that you can tug on and and pull each other close with. Movement creates energy. Having tight clothing that's flattering when you're stationary, might not be when you run around chasing each other, roll around, or do piggy backs. Looser, COMFY tops are always encouraged! It photographs better, and you spend less time adjusting things. Tapered, form fitting jeans are just fine! Or a loose maxi dress!

Comfy shoes are also encouraged! Leave the heels at home unless we're going to be in a situation that calls for them, or we're in the city! I LOVE to find gorgeous landscapes for engagement sessions. A lot of times, these areas have holes, and uneven surfaces. No one needs to roll an ankle!

Survival tips!

Random Tips. 
Be sure to bring snacks! Hangriness shows in photos! Make sure you both have full stomachs before we go out. If you’re feeling a little nervous, a drink or two beforehand is never a bad idea! It’ll loosen you up, and have you a little more playful. Shoot, bring drinks with you. Let’s make this a fun hangout! I’ll be supplying the music and good energy! Let’s work together and have a great time! 


Also, if you do decide to wear a long dress, and it happens to be cold that day, wear some leggings underneath! They’ll help keep you warm, and are easy to hide in photos! Finally, comfy shoes! Don’t go crazy looking for heels. Flats work just great! Half the time, I’m going to just have you barefoot anyway if were in grass or at a beach. Have a pair of shoes you can get a little dirty getting from point A to Point B.