Scheduling your Engagement

When to reach out

Let's talk timing!

You have a ton going on. You've got a wedding to plan, and and engagement shoot to make happen! Whether you're planning your wedding over a year out, or if it's coming up within the next few months, try and reach out before 3 months of when you'd like to have your engagement shoot.

Ahhh! "But what if I'm already past that timeframe?! I need my engagement photos within the next month!" No worries! I intentionally take a select number of weddings per year to leave plenty of calendar room for last minute sessions incase you're in a time crunch and need your engagement session to happen sooner rather than later! So don't worry!

Weekdays will always be the quickest, and most widely available dates to schedule a session. If a weekend is your only option, no sweat! We can make that work too!

Although spring and summer are perfect and sunny, sometimes winter dates may be more ideal timing wise on your end. Just bear in mind that the weather can be tough during November - February. Brrr! If you're looking to schedule your session within those months, being open to a gorgeous, cozy at-home session is always a great alternative to being outside in the cold and rain. We can blast music, pour up some drinks, and relax in the comfort of your own home or rented Airbnb. Otherwise, my second suggestion is to go find some snow!

90% of the time, we'll be aiming to have our shoot in the evening. The light is the softest during a time called "Golden Hour", the hour before the sun sets. Everything get's this beautiful glow, and makes images look 100% AMAZING. If you're trying to nail down logistics early, count on an evening shoot.. But no sweat if you can't make an evening! We can easily do things any time of day.

The next step

Ok! Now we need to pick an amazing location, and a feeling for the shoot!

Are you in the mood for something epic? Maybe a little hike, with a gorgeous mountain range behind you? What about a fun play day at the beach with your dog? Or getting away at the family cabin for a weekend and I can crash the party for an evening?  Let’s make this an ADVENTURE. Something that feels more like a date for you two rather than a “photoshoot”. Coming up with a fun activity for you two to do together will really bring these pictures to LIFE. Don’t hesitate to reach out and we can come up with some ideas together! I may have done this once or twice, and am always happy to give you some insight into what can take your engagement session to the next level!

Reaching out

Within a typical wedding season, I reach out during February to get all the engagement sessions for the year on the calendar. If that doesn’t line up with your individual timeline (which sometimes it doesn’t, everyone has a different schedule!), then please feel incredibly welcome to email me at and we can get the ball rolling as soon as possible for your engagement session!